The Travails of a Fashion Model

The fashion industry is an indomitable cultural force. Even the youngest of us are prey to the constant indoctrination. Young girls are told what beauty is and are enjoined—no, pushed—to aspire to achieve that standard of beauty and perfection. Young boys are told that women are but mere objects to ogle and adore and not actual people. Yet in and amidst this grittiness lies the magical hypnotism that enchants numerous teenagers and, as if like the Pied Piper, brings them into the fashion industry so they can work as fashion models.

What very few know is the fact that being a fashion model is a tough career and the fashion industry is a tough place to be in. There are psychological and physical dangers that may affect a woman that chooses to take part in this mass hypnosis and this article will take a look at but the precipice of it all.

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